by Arial Marie

Hey, guys! My name is Arial Marie. I started
this blog as a means of sharing, chronicling, and expressing my favorites,
experiences, inspirations, and guilty pleasures–out loud. From the Arial
View, we’ll exercise for our health, eat for our pleasure, escape through
music and throw things together–but make it fashion.

We’ll be chartering four fun-girl territories:

Lifestyle –This is where the gal gets in her glow! You’ll get the tea on all things fashion, dating, and adulting. If we’re going to talk about it, let’s TALK about it.

Music – From new releases to songs on repeat, reviews of albums, playlists, and more! What’s flowing through your speakers? What are you dancing to while you get dressed? This is all about music’s latest and what you NEED to hear.

Food – Who doesn’t love to eat? Here, we’ll satisfy our cravings at the yummiest restaurants, taste test some feel-good recipes, and grab drinks at the hottest hidden gems.

Travel – Where I’ve been, where I’ll go, you’re coming too! Here, you’ll find travel tips, event reviews, and must-go spots from city to city. We’re adding stamps to the passport and checking-off our travel list!

Shout out to my new readers and returning friends! I am so grateful to you all. Feel free to comment, email and connect with me. I value your thoughts, opinions, and minds— after all, this is about us. I hope you enjoy this perspective from The Arial View, the sweetest view.

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